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# of NAPs that identify priority sectors


Average # of priority sectors identified

Agriculture, crops, livestock, and/or food security51Fisheries22Energy26Transport16Forestry23Water and/or sanitation47Health48Coastal17Ecosystems, biodiversity, environment, and/or natural resources40Infrastructure31Education11Science, climate information, technology, innovation, and/or research and development4Disaster risk management and reduction13Trade and/or finance6Urban, human settlements, and/or housing30Tourism24Industry, manufacturing, etc.9Gender and social inclusion or social protection12Mining and/or oil and gas5Other170102030405060

# of NAPs that identify specific sectors as priorities

Data reflects NAPs submitted to the UNFCCC as of

* The list of NAPs on NAP Central includes a sector-specific NAP for agriculture from Uruguay—this was not included in the analysis as we are focusing on multi-sector NAP documents.

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